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We have recently increased our service for the on-site maintenance and repair of wind turbine cranes and are able to carry out site repairs of Liftket, ABB, DEMAG, Yale, Tractel and Kito products.

Our technicians carry a wide range of spare parts to allow most repairs to be carried out on site.  We are also able to function and load test the hoist after major repairs in-situ using test weights or on our mobile test rigs.

Where units cannot be repaired on site, our technicians carry lightweight hoists which can be used as a temporary means of lifting tools and equipment up into the nacelle while a replacement hoist is being sought or where the hoist is being sent to either our workshops or the manufacturer for a more in-depth repair.

We will continue to develop our services and aim to work with other wind turbine hoist manufacturers to allow us to work on every hoist found with the UK and Ireland wind industry.

E Devlin

Company Director